About Us

Social Responsibilities

We remain dedicated to community service. From the legal services we provide to our upcoming initiatives, we are always excited to give back to the community we serve. That’s because we place a high premium on our social responsibility to the community. In other words, we look to make our community a better place by upholding time-honored values such as liberty, equality, and happiness for our clients and for those in need. And we plan to do this by doing more than just providing legal services. We’re currently looking to conduct community service initiatives for groups and individuals in our area. In fact, we are now in the process of identifying individuals and institutions in need. It is our wish that through our work, we can make Mthatha and its surrounding areas a fairer and more just place for citizens of all backgrounds.

Employment and Labour Law Department

We take our legal responsibilities seriously for a number of reasons. Namely, we’re always aware that our professional services address a deep need for fair representation for countless citizens in our community. In fact, our firm was born from a desire to address a deep need for labour law representation in the Mthatha area. At the time of our founding, there was a startling lack of professionals qualified to provide the legal representation our community needed. Thisscarcity of skills to deal with labour law posed a serious threat to the liberty and equality of the community. Driven by a need to protect the community, our firm arose in response to this issue. That’s why our firm prides itself as a long-awaited solution to this pressing problem. Since our founding, the citizens of Mthatha and those in the surrounding area have been able to the get the labour law representation they deserve. In fact, labour law is our firm’s pillar of strength. Our expertise is nearly unparalleled in the area. Our proven-effective approach stems from the strong direction of our firm’s director who hastwelve years post-admission experience. But that’s not all. The director boasts one of the most impressive resumes of any legal professional in the Mthatha area. For instance, his specialty inlabour law draws not only from the fact that he holds an LLM (Labour)—it’s also a result of his ability to approach this area of law from all spheres; as an academic, lawyer, a CCMA part-time commissioner, a panelist in various bargaining councils, a chair over disciplinary inquiries, a mediator,a negotiator, and a trainer. This experience has given him unique insight into the field of labour law, allowing our firm to better serve our clients. It has also given us the ability to provide real results to our clients in need. As our firm continues to grow under his leadership, we’re excited at the prospect of extending our reach to more individuals in need of representation.

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